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This is a historical replica of my Family Researcher website. Some information published here is no longer available elsewhere.

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I am a UK based Family History Researcher and Genealogist available to research your family tree.

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The home page for Jane Hewitt, Family Tree Researcher.

How can I help you?
  • I can research your ancestors from any region of the UK, providing all available personal details for your family tree.
  • If you have one or many ancestors from Coventry or Warwickshire, my specialist local knowledge can be invaluable, saving you many hours painstaking research and expense.
  • If you wish to research your ancestors for yourself, I can provide expert guidance to get you started in this fascinating field.
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  • For a personal quote, please contact me.
  • To see examples of my work visit my your tree pages.

Why use my services?

Approximately 24 years ago I began drawing up my own family tree, and caught the ancestry bug! My family tree now spans five centuries, and stretches across England, Scotland, America and Canada. Having been so successful, I decided to offer my services as researcher for other people.

I have undertaken extensive researches from the 1600's onwards using national and local sources. I am a member of Coventry Family History Society and have discovered literally thousands of ancestors. I enjoy nothing more than tracing an elusive relation. If you would like to know more about your family, get to know your ancestors and more about their lives, then I'm the person you're looking for!

I can obtain for you, where available, copies of parish records, census returns for England & Wales 1851-1901 and Coventry 1841-1901 including extra
local Resources.

  The Stress-Free Guide to Starting Your Research    
    This guide is for everyone interested in their ancestors whose research has not yet begun, or is in its early stages. It offers exactly what it says on the cover. David Annal introduces all the relevant sources of information in easy steps and most logical sequence, focusing on what you really need to know.