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This is a historical replica of my Family Researcher website. Some information published here is no longer available elsewhere.

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Easy Family History:


The Stress-Free Guide to Starting Your Research

This guide is for everyone interested in their ancestors whose research has not yet begun, or is in its early stages. It offers exactly what it says on the cover. David Annal introduces all the relevant sources of information in easy steps and most logical sequence, focusing on what you really need to know.  

Who Do You Think You Are?

If you enjoyed the BBC series and are tempted to start delving into your family history then why not read this helpful book. It would also make the perfect gift for anyone interested in family history. If you need the motivation to start your own search this book could inspire and help you begin the fascinating journey to discovering your ancestors.

Family Historian 2.1

This superior piece of software is designed especially for UK users. It has the flexibility that with some software you can only dream of, at last enabling you to print customised reports and even include photographs in your family group sheets. Another plus is that you can include multiple spouses and connect your family in many different ways which other software will not allow.

  • Instantly create Ancestor, Descendant, and Hourglass diagrams
  • Add pictures, sounds, videos, and any other multimedia
  • 100% GEDCOM compatible, the universal standard in shared genealogical data
  • Individual Summary/Family Group/Ancestor Summary/Descendant Outline Report





The Good Web Guide to Genealogy

Looking for information online to build your family tree? This book gives a list of essential sites to help your family tree flourish, some regional resources as well as international resources a must have for the novice online researcher.

Emigrants and Expats

This is an essential book if you are looking for relations at the Public Record Office who set sail for pastures new. This book covers times of mass emigration and even includes references for documents what they contain and how they can be used to further your research. This book should be an invaluable enabling you to access Passenger Lists and Passport records, details on Child emigration schemes and records of British overseas during the Second World War.