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This is a historical replica of my Family Researcher website. Some information published here is no longer available elsewhere.

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Local Resources

As well as the usual census and parish records I can search for in the UK, there are some extra local resources that can give further insight into your family history. I can obtain copies of most of the following, where photocopies are not permitted due to the delicate state of the original documents I can obtain digital photos.
  • Coventry and Warwickshire Church registers for baptisms, marriages, banns & burials.
  • Registers for Nonconformist churches including West Orchard and Vicar Lane. Some of these give dates of births as well as the usual baptisms and burials c.1700 - 1837, for Coventry and Warwickshire (excluding Birmingham)
  • Burial Registers for London Road Cemetery, Coventry 1847-1900.
  • Monumental inscriptions for London Road Cemetery, Holy Trinity and some other local churches. I can also search for and take photographs of gravestones.
  • Registers listing enrolments of apprentices from 1781 – 1975.
  • Rolls and registers of men (and women from 1937) admitted to the Freemanship of Coventry, 1715 - 1986.
  • Local newspapers dating from 1746 to the present day. I can obtain copy pages showing births deaths and marriages plus local events. Did a relative died in strange circumstances was there an inquest? If so there is a good chance it was in the local paper. Or are you looking for an unusual gift for a special Birthday, how about a copy of their birth Announcement or a copy of every page of the Newspaper from the day they were born. Or for a special anniversary a copy of their wedding announcement.
  • Rolls of the Fallen - Soldiers who were born or lived in Coventry who died in WW1 and WW2
  • The Coventry Graphic index of servicemen 1914 – 1918 this includes many pictures.
  • Some registers of admissions to local schools, plus records for various charity schools.
  • The Convicts Register 1879 1890-1897. This usually includes their photograph may include some details of their convictions plus aliases.
  • Original records of the Court Leet, Quarter Sessions and Magistrate's courts for Coventry, 15th century to mid 20th century.
  • Trade directory entries for Coventry, some directories covering Warwickshire published between 1822 and 1940. Plus some local telephone directories from 1948.
  • Maps books old Photographs/Prints of the local area.
  • Electoral Rolls for Coventry including 1834, 1857-59 and all years since 1877 (Not including First and Second World Wars when no lists were produced). Poll Books for most elections 1741 - 1868.
  • Coventry Workhouse registers including admissions, discharges, births and deaths. These also give reason for admission and some other details.
  • Publican in the family? I can often obtain photos of many Pubs' that no longer exist.
A compressed History of the districts of Coventry







The Facts of Life - Graham Joyce
The story of an extraordinary family of seven sisters living in Coventry during the Second World War. Presided over by an indomitable matriarch, the sisters live out a tangled and fraught life that takes them through the Blitz, war work and on into the hopeful post-war years, and a bizarre interlude for one of them in a commune. And through it all wanders the young son of one of the sisters, passed from sister to sister, the innocent witness to a life that edges over into the magical.