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Family Shopping - useful research resources for sale, and bargains for the whole family Purchase original artwork from Family Researcher - includes special local paintings of Coventry, Warwickshire, and Guy's Cliffe

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Original watercolour paintings of Warwickshire

Purchase contemporary works of art at reasonable prices, UK Postage & Packing included.

Watercolour painting of Guys Cliffe House - Considered by some to be the most beautiful abandoned stately home in England  
  Painting of the Yorkist Meeting House Little Park Street Coventry
Size 11 ½ x 9 inches £59.50

Size 5 x 7 inches NOT FOR SALE

Guy's Cliffe House, Warwickshire

Yorkist Meeting House, Little Park Street, Coventry
  Painting of St Mary Magdelene's Church Coventry  
Painting of Cook Street Gate Coventry

Size 12 x 9 inches £51.00

St Mary Magdelene's Church, Coventry  

Size 6 ½ x 7 inches £ 51.00

Cook Street Gate, Coventry
  Painting of The Gate at Guys Cliffe House near Warwick
Painting of Lower Ford Street just prior to Demolition
Lower Ford Street just prior to demolition

Size 9 x 11 ½ inches £59.50

Size 7 x 5 inches SOLD

Guy's Cliffe Gate, Warwickshire    
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