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This is a historical replica of my Family Researcher website. Some information published here is no longer available elsewhere.

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More examples of the sort of information I can obtain to add colour to your family tree.

  Worcestershire Regiment
As a professional Genealogist I aim to provide a high standard of service and produce a real family tree, not just a list of names from a Telephone Directory!
  Family Bible  
  Worcestershire Regiment WW1
  Family Tree
A Traditional family Bible like this can be an excellent source of information often giving dates of marriage as well as births.
  The Draper Family Tree  
WW1 Newspaper Article  
    Historic Coventry Burial Record
Burial records can often help to link families even when there is no monument inscription.
WW1 Newspaper Article
  Parish records help produce reliable research   Lucy Jane Morris wife of Edward Buckle
Parish records are cheaper to obtain and far more interesting than the standard, impersonal copy certificate.
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Coventry - The Hidden History - Iain Soden
Based on 40 years of excavation, this is the first comprehensive history of Coventry, which looks in particular at its spectacular economic growth from Saxon times to become, by the fourteenth century, one of the foremost cities of medieval England, surrounded by a wall with 20 towers and 12 gates. The city became a magnet for entrepreneurs, also attracting the major religious orders :- Benedictines, Franciscans, Carmelites and Carthusians - who developed an economy heavily reliant on monastic wool. Since the crippling blow the Dissolution of the Monasteries, Coventry has, over the centuries, experienced several declines and renaissances - the last redevelopment being the recovery from the devastating blitz of the Second World War.