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This is a historical replica of my Family Researcher website. Some information published here is no longer available elsewhere.

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Example Tree and information found during research

  Family Tree  

Looking for a different and exciting gift for a relatives special Birthday? This could be what you are looking for. An unusual and special gift especially for them, a professionally researched family tree. Something that they can treasure and pass on to their grandchildren. Or perhaps a gift for yourself. I may even find the odd black sheep, labourer or even an aristocrat!

  The Reynolds Family Tree
    Copy of and envelope from a family letter sent to a soldier and returned when he was reported missing in  World War 1    
  Family Research Image from Parish Records  
Photo of the Royal Warwickshire Territorial’s at Camp dated about 1912    
Copy of a Page listing Servicemen from World War 1
The Royal Warwickshire Territorials at Camp dated about 1912
Photo of a Coventry Cycle Club Dated About 1895  
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Coventry Cycle Club  
    Jaguar in Coventry - Building the Legend - Nigel Thorley
Jaguar - Once the life blood of an industrial city like Coventry but sadly Jaguar’s are now only designed not built here. Read this interesting book that tells of the role the company once played in the working life of Coventry. This illustrated history offers a fascinating insight into the techniques of automotive design and engineering that have given rise to Jaguar's extraordinary reputation. It tells the story of the fluctuating fortunes of the company at Browns Lane, and offers a revealing account of car production techniques and processes at Jaguar as they have evolved over the years. The book also offers an intimate portrait of the local people who can now no longer depended on Jaguar for their livelihoods.